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Nowadays theJoint-Stock Company"Poltava Medical Glass Factory" is the biggest manufacturer of the glass medical containerson the territory of Ukraine.

The history of the Poltava glass factory begins iin the 30s of the last century.In 1930, the factory "Thermometer" was founded in the town of Poltava which became the legal successor of Kharkiv laboratory and workshop for the manufacture of laboratory and medical products, founded by Republican Red Cross in May of 1928.

The new factory received  the technological equipment of theKharkiv workshop, and the laboratory glassware production technology from the Klyn Glass Factory "Laborprybor".

At that time, the Poltava factory produced test tubes, technical thermometers and simple pipettes and devices from Klyn’s glass tubes, and the production of sandglasses was set up.

Since 1940 the factory has completely switched to productionof various thermometers: technical,laboratory, grain, hatchery, burt,cable, wine, room andetc.

At that time the factory "Thermometer"was leading,well-equipped profitable enterprise.Products were in great demand in our country. The staff included 350 persons..

In April of 1945, the restoration of the enterprise began.       


In June of 1947 the restored factory was renamed to Poltava Glass Factory. The thermometer production was stopped and new production of ampoules, flasks, devices and other laboratory products was set up. The glass tube was supplied by the Klyn Glass Factory. The main technological equipment was a kerosene lamp

In 1957 gas supply was provided in the factory, the first compressor and transformer were installed, the working conditions of the workers were significantly improved. The working efficiency, the goods quality and the production culture have increased.

On April, 18th of 1959 by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine it was decided to build own glass melting workshop at the Poltava Glass Factory.


In February of 1966 the construction was completed and the glass melting furnace of direct heating was put into operation at the production site at the address:- 158 Frunze Street, Poltava. From this moment the factory started production of its own glass brand AB-1. The production of fixed and paired ampoules, various medical products and laboratory devices has been mastered.

In August of 1968 the second direct heating glass furnace was built and put into operation.The range of tubes consisted of more than 160 items made of AB-1 and NS-1 glass. The annual production volume reached 5,000 tons.

On March,28th of 1977 by the Order of Ministry of Medical Industry of USSR Poltava Glass Factory was renamed into Poltava Medical Glass Factory.

In 1978, the construction of the ampoule workshop was completed and the new administrative building was put into operation.The ampoule workshop is equipped with 77 semi-automatic machines of the IO-7 and IO-8 types. The production capacity of the ampoule workshophas increased to 215 million ampoules per year.

In 1980, three K-0,15 oxygen units with a capacity of 150 m3/h each were installed and put into operation.


In 1980-1990, the plant worked stably, with high technical and economic indicators. The entire increase in marketable products was obtained due to increased labour productivity. Technical re-equipment of the glass-making and ampoule productions was carried out. The first three Italian drawing machines of the Olivotto company for the production of tubes were purchased, the ampoule equipment - 84 Hungarian semi-automatic machines IO-18 and 15 Italian lines "Compact - 5000". The productionvolume of paired ampoules reached 1 billion 10 million pieces for a year.


In 1995, the construction of a new electric glass-making furnace was completed, the production of glass and hydrolytic class of the USP-1 brand was startedusing the technology and equipment of leading European companies, which made it possible to manufacture medical containers more resistant to the effects of aggressive pharmaceuticals.,

Since September of 1996, the open joint-stock company "Poltava Medical Glass Plant" has been established on the basis of the glass plant.

By 2001 a partial reconstruction of production areas was carried out.Modernization of technological equipment continued during 2000-2018. The equipment for the production of ampoules of the French company “ModerneMechanique was purchased by JSC “Poltava Medical Glass Factory”toreplace the obsolete one, which made it possible to develop new types of ampoule production: ampoules with a fracture ring, ampoules with a notch and a fracture point, ampoules marked with coding rings, ampoules of the D form. The second glass-making furnace was put into operation.

Optimal working conditions were created at the enterprise, which ensured the creative work of all categories of personnel; there was developed and certified Quality Management System; the complete computerization of processes carried out at the enterprise was performed; a modern sports complex was built.

In 2008, the reconstruction of the oxygen compressor station was carried out to ensure the stability of the oxygen quality indicators used in the technological process at the enterprise. This made it possible to obtain oxygen of guaranteed quality in accordance with GOST 6331-78 "Liquid technical and medical oxygen" and DSTU GOST 5583:2009 "Gaseous technical and medical oxygen".

The productivity of the reconstructed OCS has doubled compared to the previous one. Thismade it possible to guarantee the needs of its production, and to sell the rest to consumers in the region.

For the purpose of providing medical facilities in Poltava and the region with medically affordable oxygen at a price and guaranteed quality, a decision was made to prepare the production of liquid and gaseous oxygen for licensing.

On December, 9 of 2009, a license for the production of medical oxygen was obtained.

On April, 4 of 2011, in order to implement the Law of Ukraine "On Joint-Stock Companies" No. 514-VI, the open joint-stock company "Poltava Medical Glass Factory" was renamed to the Public Joint-Stock Company "Poltava Medical Glass Factory".

In 2015, the reconstruction of the glass-making furnace was carried out using a fundamentally new glass-making technology - gas-oxygen with electric heating, which made it possible to obtain products of European quality.


In accordance with the requirements of the Guidelines "Medicinal products.Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP) the consumers of primary packaging for medicinal products periodically conduct audits of the manufacturer (JSC "Poltava Medical GlassFactory") at the enterprise. The representatives of pharmaceutical companies have the opportunity to personally verify that the manufacturing and control processes of products ensure their excellent quality. At the request of pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine, with the aim of integration into the EU, the company's management decided to certify the company's QMS in 2016 for compliance with the requirements of the special standard ISO 15378:2008 "Primary packaging for medicinal products.Specific requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2000 taking into account good manufacturing practice (GMP)".

In order to meet the demands of consumers, the management of the company is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of products.

In May of 2020,the Public Joint-Stock Company "Poltava Medical Glass Factory " was renamed to thejoint-stock company"Poltava Medical GlassFactory ". (JSC“Poltava Medical Glass Factory”).

At the expense of own investments, in order to improve the quality of products, the equipment for packaging of tubes and ampoules in heat-shrinkable film was purchased, the lines for the production of ampoules are equipped with modern devices for automatic loading of tubes into semi-automatic machines;the production of own light-protective glass has been masteredfrom which more than 900 million pieces of light-protective ampoules were made.           

The testing laboratory of the Joint-Stock Company "Poltava Medical Glass Factory" is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine for competence in accordance with the requirements of DSTU ISO IEC 17025:2019 according to the declared field of accreditation.The certificate of accreditation is registered in the Registryon 21.10. 2021 under No. 20491 (expiry until 16.02.2025).

The testing laboratory conducts tests and studies of medical glass and its products by physico-chemical and physico-mechanical methods, tests of liquid and gaseous medical oxygen.

The quality management system of JSC "Poltava Medical Glass Factory" is certified for compliance with the following requirements:

- ISO 9001:2015, which is confirmed by the Certificate HU14/7404   dated 24.10.2020:

- DSTU ISO 15378:2019, which is confirmed by the Certificate Nr.UA 8O072.00480945.5-2022 dated  26.09.2022:

Today JSC"Poltava Medical Glass Factory" produces about 3 400 tons of glass tubes per year; 1 billion 200 million of  ampoules.

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