Nowadays Public Joint-Stock Company "Poltava Medical Glass Factory" is the biggest manufacturer of the medical glass containers in Ukraine.

Corporate history originates in the thirties of the last century.

"Thermometer" factory was established in 1930 in Poltava which became the legal successor of Kharkiv laboratory and medical products workshop founded by Republican Red Cross in May 1928.

The new factory got technological equipment from Kharkiv workshop, laboratory glassware production technology from Klin Glass Factory "Labpribor".

By then Poltava factory produced test tubes, technical thermometers, pipettes and devices from Klin glass tube, sand glass production was launched.

Since 1940 the factory crossed over to various thermometers production: technical, laboratory, cereal, incubator, bead, wine, room etc.

At that time "Thermometer" was leading profitable enterprise. Products were in great demand in our country. The staff included 350 persons. During the Great Patriotic War the city was destroyed and the factory was a total loss.

The reconstruction of the factory began in April 1945.

In June 1947 the renovated factory was renamed to Poltava Glass Factory. The thermometer production was stopped and new production of ampoules, bottles, instruments and other laboratory products was set up. The glass tube was delivered by Klin Glass Factory. Kerosene lamps were the main manufacturing equipment.

In 1957 gas supply was provided in the factory, the first compressor and transformer were installed, employment terms significantly improved. The working efficiency, the goods quality and the production standards were also improved.

On April 18th, 1959 by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine it was decided to build glass melting workshop at the Poltava Glass Factory.

In February 1966 the construction was completed and the glass melting furnace of direct heating was commissioned at the production site by address 158 Frunze Street, Poltava. From this moment the factory started production of its own glass brand ?B-1. Production of standard titrimetric substance and paired ampoules, different medical wares and laboratory instruments was developed.

In August 1968 the second glass furnace of direct heating was built and started up. The product list of glass tube included more than 160 items of glass brands ?B-1 and NC-1. Annual production capacity reached 5 000 tons.

On March, 28th, 1977 by the Order of Ministry of Medical Industry USSR Poltava Glass Factory was renamed into Poltava Medical Glass Factory.

In 1980three oxygen plants K-0,15 with power 150 m3/h each were installed.

During 1980-1990th the factory worked stable, the main technical and economic performance successfully achieved. The entire increase of the commercial output was obtained by increasing of labor efficiency. The technical re-equipping of the glass-melting and ampoule production was carried out. The first three staking machines for tube production ("Olivotto", Italy) and such ampoule equipment as 84 semiautomatic devices IO-18 (Hungary) and 15 lines ("Compact 5000", Italy) were purchased. The production volume of the coupled ampoules achieved to 1 billion 10 million pieces per year.

In 1995 the construction of new electric glass furnace was completed and production of the 1st hydrolytic class glass USP-1 brand with the usage of the technologies and equipment of the leading European companies started. This enables to make the medical containers more resistant to the aggressive medical preparation influence.

On September, 3rd, 1996 Public Joint-Stock Company "Poltava Medical Glass Factory" was established.

Nowadays practically all the production facilities are almost completely reconstructed. The manufacturing equipment fleet is renewed up to 80%. Equipment which was purchased by PJSC "Poltava Medical Glass Factory" to replace the outdated contained the stock of novelty: it remains the equipment of tomorrow for many companies in the industry.

The company has created optimal working conditions that provided creative output of all categories of staff; new types of ampoule products have been developed; field trip system for the potential consumers is introduced proving special acquaintance with production process with joint discussion of the problems encountered; quality management system is created and certified; complete computerization of all factory processes is carried out; modern sports complex is built.

The company is allowed to take the leading place among medicine packaging manufacturers in CIS countries thanks to substitution of manufacturing technology to more progressive and obtaining products with high physicochemical parameters ? export percentage increased up to 40%.

In 2006 the company commissioned glass melts grainer generated in the process of technological draining of liquid glass that made possible to get the fine fraction of glass technological waste for the building materials, enamel and ceramic tableware manufacturers? implementation.

In 2008 the oxygen compressor station was reconstructed to provide the stable quality oxygen indicators used in the processing of the company. This allowed getting the oxygen of the guaranteed quality in accordance with National State Standard 6331-78 ?Liquid oxygen technical and medical? and National State Standard 5583-78 "Gas oxygen technical and medical".

Productivity of the reconstructed oxygen compressor station is increased twice in comparison with the previous one. This enables to guarantee the needs of own manufacturing requirements and realize the remnants to the regional customers.

On April, 4th, 2011 pursuant to the Law of Ukraine "On Joint-Stock Companies" ? 514-VI Open Joint Stock Company "Poltava Medical Glass Factory" was renamed to Public Joint Stock Company "Poltava Medical Glass Factory".

Nowadays PJSC ?Poltava Medical Glass Factory? annually produces more than 7 000 tons of glass tube, 1 billion 900 million of ampoules, 4 million of test tubes.


In accordance with requirements of Manual ?Pharmaceutical products. Proper manufacturing practice? (GMP) consumers of primary packaging containers for pharmaceutical products periodically audit the manufacturing company (PJSC ?Poltava Medical Glass Factory?). Representatives of pharmaceutical companies have possibility to personally ascertain that the process of manufacturing and product control provides its excellent quality.


To meet consumers? demands company management is constantly looking for ways to improve product quality.


With this purpose reconstruction of glass melting furnace using principally new technology of glass melting was held: oxy-fuel with electrical heating which allowed to obtain the product of European quality.


In order to eliminate the risks of commercial glass tube during transportation (stretches, contamination, destruction) equipment of Italian company ?Novopac? for shrink-wrap tube packaging.


Upon request of Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies and to the effect of EU integration, management of the company decided to certify QMS of the enterprise in 2016 for compliance with the requirements of special ISO 9001:2008 ?Primary packaging materials for pharmaceuticals. Particular requirements for ISO 9001:2008 application considering good manufacturing practice (GMP).



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