• Our Factory is a leader in the production of ampoules for the medicinal preparations in Ukraine

  • Due to the advanced manufacturing sciences and the modern equipment

  • Our Factory occupies a leading position among the manufacturers of medicine bottles in the CIS territory.

  • Bootloader robot.

The policy of our enterprise :

- manufacturing of the guaranteed quality products;

- continuous study of the needs and expectations of the consumer

- excellent quality of consumers service at the enterprise;

- compliance with the terms of manufacturing and delivery of the products;

- maintaining of mutually beneficial relations with the suppliers of raw materials, materials and components;

- constant improvement of the quality management system operating at the enterprise.

Production of JSC Poltava Medical Glass Factory:

- medical glass of  brand USP-1 TU U 00480945-002-96;

- glass tubes TU U 00480945-004-96;

- broken glass of medical glass TU U 26.1-00480945-012-2002;

- glass ampoules TU U 00480945-005-96;

- oxygen liquid medical and technical;

- oxygen gas, medical and technical.

Production of tubes and ampoules from our own light-protective glass


We offer for sale a glass tube and ampoules made of light-protective glass of our own production. The product complies with the established medical safety criteria, which is confirmed by the Conclusions of the state sanitary and epidemiological expertise.



Technological process of manufacturing

The technological process of manufacturing primary packaging for medicinal products (glass ampoules) at JSC Poltava Medical Glass Factory represents a complete production cycle, which begins with the boiling of glass and ends with the manufacturing and packaging of finished products.

Production of ampoules is carried out on modern technological equipment of the company "Moderne Mecanique", France.

At the request of the consumer


The company has the ability to produce:

- the ampoules of all types made of colourless and light-protective glass;

- the ampoules of the IP type with a colour break-ring according to ISO 9187-1-2010;

- the ampoules of the IP type with one-point-cut (OPC) according to ISO 9187-2-2010

- the ampoules of IP and VO type with coloured coding ring(s);

- the ampoules with the dimensions declared by consumers, according to the agreed drawing:


ISO 9001:2015 
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Sertificat DSTU
ISO 15378-2019  
Certificate of accreditation measuring laboratories
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