• Our Factory is a leader in the production of ampoules for the medicinal preparations in Ukraine

  • Due to the advanced manufacturing sciences and the modern equipment

  • Our Factory occupies a leading position among the manufacturers of medicine bottles in the CIS territory.

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The policy of our company :

- manufacture of products of assured quality;
- constant study of the needs and expectations of customers;
- соблюдение сроков изготовления и поставки продукции;
- compliance with terms of manufacturing and delivery of products;
- continuously improved on the quality management system.

Our Production:

- medical glass tubes according to TU U 00480945-004-96;
- ampoules according to TU U 00480945-005-96;
- laboratory measuring glass ware. Test tubes according to TU U 00480945-010-99;
- laboratory glass ware. Test tubes according to TU U 00480945-009-99;
- USP-1granulated medical glass according to TU U 26.1-00480945-014-2008;
- cullet from medical glass according to TU U 26.1-00480945-012-2002;
- liquid oxygen: technical and medical according to State Standard 6331-78;
- oxygen gas: technical and medical according to State Standard 5583-78.

If the customer needs the enterprise

has the possibility to make the following production according to the drawings:
- all types of ampoules from amber glass;
- ИП type ampoules and D form (ISO 1987-1:2006 (E));
- ИП type ampoules with cut and break ring (ISO 1987-2:1993 (E));
- ИП and ВО type ampoules with color encoding ring ;
- ampoules with the dimensions ordered by customers.

The technological process

The technological process of the manufacture of the products for medical purpose is the complete production cycle: from the glass melting and up to the products manufacturing and realization

The ampoule production is produced at the modern manufacturing equipment of , France.

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