• JSC "PZMS" is leader in the production of ampoules for pharmaceuticals in Ukraine.

  • We use only high technologies and modern equipment.

  • We occupies a leading position among medical packaging manufacturers within the CIS territory.

The production process of making glass is continuous. The duration of the production cycle is 2.0 - 2.5 years (the period between two overhauls of the glass furnace).


The production process begins with the preparation of the charge, includes the process of boiling glass, drawing the glass tube, fire treatment of the ends of the tubes, and ends with the packaging of the finished product.



Modern technological equipment of the company "Zippe", Germany, is installed at the batching and assembling station, from which the production process begins. The entire process of preparation, weighing, mixing of raw materials, according to the approved recipe, is fully automated. Control of the technological process of batch preparation is carried out with the help of microprocessors. Highly qualified operators monitor the batch preparation process.

The prepared batch is automatically loaded into the gas-oxygen glass-making furnace, where the glass-making process takes place. The furnace consists of a cooking basin, a duct, two distribution sections (feeders), two fore-chambers, a smoke removal channel and a chimney. The glass mass in the furnace is heated to a temperature of 1500 °C by gas-oxygen burners from above and molybdenum electrodes from below.    

Gas-oxygen glass boiling furnaces, built according to the project of the Italian company "Glass Servis", are equipped with modern electronic equipment that allows you to support and control automatically the glass boiling process at the control points of the furnace. Information about the progress of the technological process is stored in the company's computer database for the entire period of operation of the furnace.


Maintaining a stable technological process makes it possible to obtain consistently high-quality glass.


Using the Daner's method, a glass tube is pulled out of glass horizontally on the equipment of the company "Olivotto", Italy.

Control of the glass tube is carried out in automatic mode:

- the external diameter of the tube is controlled by the measuring laser "AEROL", of the company"Olivotto", Italy;

- the wall thickness of glass tubes is controlled by the "Glass tube wall thickness measurement system" of the company "Olivotto Glass Technologies", Italy



- glass defects are controlled by the device for automatic control of glass defects "JLIVISION SK-3020-104".


Inappropriate products are automatically removed from the conveyor.


   The tube is produced in a standard length of 1500 ± 20 mm, with a diameter from 4 mm to 30 mm inclusive, wall thickness from 0.5 mm to 2 mm inclusive. Limit deviations: external diameter ± 0.15 mm, wall thickness ± 0.05 mm. Depending on the customer's order, the tube can be made of non-standard length from 1400 mm to 1700 mm.

A tube of a certain length is cut with a knife using the thermal shock method and is automatically rejected. A tube that meets the established quality criteria is automatically fed to the end fire treatment conveyor line, where the sharp edges of the tube are melted or sealed, depending on the execution

The tube with machined ends is automatically fed to the "Machine for packing and palletizing of glass tubes ICPT150.6.35" of the company ITAL PAL S.r.l., Italy

      The technology of packing of a glass tube in a heat-shrinkable film allows reduce the risks of damage to the tube and its surface during transportation and provides for the formation of glass tubes in bundles with subsequent shrinking of the bundles with a heat-shrinkable film.

      The bundles of glass tubes are formed into a transport package with subsequent wrapping with stretch film.






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